The YU Free Press is Seeking Submissions!

The YU Free Press is Seeking Submissions!

The YU Free Press is now accepting submissions for our “Feminist Issue,” the
third installment this school year. Our aim for this issue is to highlight
some key themes related to women’s experiences, in a way that does not
reproduce gender as one that is normatively white.   We are particularly
interested in discussing the lived experiences of women of colour,
Indigenous women, women with disabilities, queer women, and intersections
with race and class, etc.  Embedded in these stories are dynamics of
oppression and violence that are institutional and systemic, and the state
apparatus as often inherently patriarchal, racist, and capitalist.
Oppression against women can take form in a myriad number of ways, from the
subtle discriminatory hiring practices of companies, to the brutally real
instances of violent acts of sexual assault towards women, and sexist
discrimination in the Indian Act.  Of course, understanding oppression and
exploitation is just the beginning. We also want to showcase stories of
resistance, and the role of women in social movements around the world.

These are just some of the themes we would like to cover, but we welcome
submissions on a variety of topics concerned with women’s experiences, or
any other social justice matter.  The submission deadline will be 22 January
. In addition to written submissions, we also invite you to send in
photos, artwork, and poetry as well.  We would also like to thank our
readers, writers, and volunteers for helping the YU Free Press to be where
it is today. Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your submissions.

-YUFP Editorial Collective

All submissions can be sent to:


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The YU Free Press is a new and exciting alternative monthly newspaper produced by volunteer graduate and undergraduate students at York University. Our principal objectives are to challenge the mainstream corporate media model as well as to provide a fundamental space for critical analysis and commentary of the news around us – both on and off campus – to a community of student,s faculty, and staff alike. We are firmly opposed to oppression in all its possible forms (gender, sexual orientation, race, ability, religion, creed, etc.) and are dedicated to upholding and promoting a clear vision of social justice through the publication of labour, union, and activist-positive material.

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